The Lunchbox Fund is a Non-Profit Organization that focuses on fostering education via nutrition by providing a daily meal at school for orphaned and at-risk school children in township and rural areas of South Africa.

Our goal is to uphold a child’s right to a basic education; no child should be kept from learning by hunger or household food insecurity.

We have pioneered lunch programs in Early Childhood Development Centers (ECDCs) that offer pre-school care and education and in After-School homework assistance projects and learner skills development programs. Lunchbox Fund also provide breakfast to Educational Playgroups and offer supplemental breakfast and lunch programs in Government Primary and Secondary schools where the National School Nutrition Program is not provided.

Best Practice

We strive to incorporate current knowledge, wisdom and best practice principals to safeguard nutrition quality and quantity: targeting for maximum impact at minimum sustainable cost


We closely monitor our nutrition program on an ongoing basis to ensure partners and schools adhere to our standards.  Schools receive unannounced monitoring visits by our Fieldworkers once per term.

Dedicated Funding

A private donor covers our core operational costs, ensuring that 100% of the money we raise through all other individual donations, grants and benefits is channeled to providing children with daily meals at school.

Community Building

In schools with over 80 children, we provide stipends which enable the school to hire previously unemployed women from within the local community to prepare and serve meals. Stipends are paid directly to our Food Mamas each month.