Why Nutrition?

Children who don’t have enough to eat cannot work towards a proper education. Without a proper education, their future prospects are severely limited.


Almost 60% of children in South Africa live in poverty


That’s over 12m children below the poverty line and in need of nutritional support


26% of children suffer from stunting due to malnourishment


AIDS orphans

Program Impact

Our simple intervention nourishes a child’s body for growth and health, a child’s mind with the ability to concentrate and learn, and a child’s outlook with hope to rise above the cycle of poverty and hunger. It also provides a behavioural incentive for children to attend school, as well as an economic incentive for their impoverished and/or unemployed caretakers to keep them there.

What’s Included In A Lunchbox

We provide a rotating menu of nutritionally fortified foods that are delicious and familiar to the children. Each meal provides the child with a full RDA of macro and micro-nutrients, vitamins and minerals.


Powdered Milk

Rice and Lentils

Vegetable Stew

Soya Mince

Samp and Beans