2019 NutriBright Food Survey

Our fortified Porridge and new Biryani (a rice, lentil, bean and vegetable mix) were the top favorites amongst children. Improvements in child health such as weight gain, and less illness, were highlighted as an impact in 22% of schools, while 10% noted that children were less hungry, and 10% said they had seen class activity and/or participation improve as a result of LBF’s nutrition. 70% of schools said they would not want to reduce any items on our menu, while others simply suggested adding more of their favorite foods. 
School infrastructure upgrades and maintenance, and the purchase of educational materials and equipment were top of the list for principals in redeploying the savings made on food purchases, identified independently as a program benefit by 37% of schools. Increased child enrolment and attendance was also widely identified as a direct benefit of LBF nutrition (20% of schools), while 14% observed that parents are happy that their children are receiving the nutrition, and that the support has revived and sustained their school.
“ We have no DSD funding and 95% of parents are unemployed. There is quite a lot of shortage of food in the past. The healthy food from LBF is great to keep kids focused even 6 hours or more. We have more kids now due food, and some have come from other schools. The porridge and milk is loved by kids”.
 Iliso Care Society ECD, WC